Posing for Packa


An excerpt from The Christian Science Monitor
July 28,1987

An article by the artist's granddaughter, Hallie Rive Appel.

Brushstrokes of light



Posing was a fact of life for all of us. My mother once said that as a little girl she thought all fathers stayed home and painted pictures of their children. I don't remember that anyone minded. Perhaps receiving his undivided attention made up for having to sit so still.

He would walk back and forth to the easel, concentrating in silence. From time to time he would close one eye and hold a paintbrush at arm's length before him, using his thumb to mark some measurement.

Sometimes when I sat for him, my mother would read to us. Every so often he would say, "Would you like to rest now, dearie?" understanding just how much work it can be to do nothing.

Click here to see pictures of Packa as he painted some family portraits.



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